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Volunteer FAQs

Q: I have food to donate

A: Food can be dropped off during our working hours, or after hours we have a drop off slot by the front Clothing Boutique entrance. This is a PULL OUT door with a slide that goes into the building.

FOOD PICK UP – we do offer food pickups for schools, organizations and companies, during our normal work hours. Just call 459-7461 to make arrangements.

Q: I have clothing to donate

A: We accept all clothing and small household items. We accept donations during our normal work hours, or, if after hours, they may be placed under the overhand along the side of the building out of the weather. We appreciate your support of our Clothing program. We do not provide pick up service for non-food items.

Q: I want to volunteer

A: Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 459-7461. There is an application form, an initial pre interview, an information session about Greener Village and our policies, then additional training on the volunteer position that meets your skills. We may ask you to help for a day or so to see if we are a good fit.

We look for volunteers who can commit a regular time. Even if you have family events or Florida vacations, we can work around those but we do appreciate our volunteers that come in through the weeks and months to fill the schedules.

Our volunteer opportunities include:

- Administration (phones, receipt writing, letter writing, helping with donations of all types)

- Clothing (sorting, helping at cash, laundry)

- Food Distribution (sorting food, filling shelves, packing food hampers, heavy lifting & footwear required)

- Garden (planting, weeding,

- Tours (helping with guided tours),

- Volunteer coordinating (helping scheduling and calling volunteers.

- Social Media, (helping with postings, volunteer newsletters),

- Board Committee Meetings (several opportunities available)

Q: I want to book our group in to volunteer

A: We have several opportunities available. We need time to schedule and set up your volunteer opportunity. Please contact us.

Q: I want my child to volunteer

A: We have a warehouse setting with a lot of potential hazards for little ones. The food distribution requires volunteers to be age 13 and over. We encourage you to bring your younger children to help in the Gardens over the summer. This is a beautiful learning experience for them and we appreciate your help.

We encourage young children and youth groups to collect and make SOUP KITS, or FOOD PACKS. These are always in high demand at our Food Centre and they are a fun activity for groups.